Would you like to know how to achieve goals in the same way as the world’s greatest achievers?

Would you be interested in understanding why some people are true goal-fulfilling machines while others seem to skate without leaving their seats?

Have you ever thought about learning to prioritize the results that are most important to having the life you consider ideal?

These are some of the topics we will look at in today’s article, especially prepared for anyone who wants to know how to achieve goals. We will see in detail:

  • The Importance of Goal Preparation
  • What is the most important element when setting a goal
  • The only way to find out your true priorities
  • Achieving Goals as the World’s Greatest Achievers
  • What would happen if you met your highest life goals?

To get started, let’s look at a video I recorded about the importance of preparing for goal achievement.

The Importance of Goal Preparation

Many people believe that it only makes sense to study how to achieve goals if you are lucky.

These people put themselves in a reactive position waiting for some unpredictable element to help them achieve their greatest goals.

For example, someone who is bogged down in debt and hopes to win the lottery. Someone who needs weight loss and wants to find some miracle pill. Someone who wants to pass a public contest hitting the answers in the kick.

In the article about getting lucky in life , I said that what people often call luck is nothing more than meeting preparation with opportunity.

For those who want to do their best to know how to achieve goals, the first tip is to prepare to identify and grasp the opportunities that arise.

Think about your big life goals. Are you ready or at least started preparing for them?

It does not matter your current situation. What matters is your speed, your acceleration and your direction.

If you are in the right direction, you will meet your goals sooner or later depending on your speed.

This is the minimum required. However, there is an essential element for a goal to be met.

Without this element, virtually nothing you study about meeting goals will be valid. Let’s see what this element is.

What is the most important element when setting a goal


Specificity. This is the most important element in setting a goal that will really be met.

One big mistake I see is people who mistakenly believe they have specific goals. People who have goals like:

  • My biggest goal is to be happy
  • I have the goal to lose weight
  • My big goal is to make more money

Without specificity, these things cannot even be classified as goals. They are just dreams, wishes, abstract desires.

If you are not clear and specific about your goals, your results will also be poor and confusing.

By definition, a goal must be specific so that you can understand how you are progressing toward the goal. And so make the necessary adjustments.

How to achieve specific goals


To be specific, you need to write your current state, the ultimate goal, and the timeframe you want to make this move from the present situation to the plotted result.

Let’s see what the above desires would look like when turned into specific goals:

For example, instead of saying “my goal is to make more money,” you need to write something specific like:

Today I am a sector manager and want to be promoted to commercial director by the end of this year, increasing my net salary by at least 30%.

Another example, now in healthcare. Instead of saying “my goal is to lose weight”, write something like:

I am 85 pounds and my ideal weight is 67 pounds. My goal is to lose 18 pounds of fat while maintaining lean mass over the next 18 months through dietary re-education and high intensity interval aerobic training.

If you already have specific goals and still can’t meet your goals, the problem is probably in your priorities.

The only way to find out your true priorities


One of the biggest secrets about meeting goals is simply prioritizing the goals you set.

If you have specific goals and can’t meet your goals, chances are you’re not giving the necessary priority.

And the only way to find out your true priorities is by watching your actions, not your words.

Your behavior reveals your true priorities.

Let’s return to the example of the goal of losing weight.

You can write that you need to lose 18 pounds, tell everyone you are on a diet, and even swear to yourself that you are controlling your diet.

But if you don’t control what you eat, you’re not really prioritizing your weight loss goal. Your behavior, not your words, is what shows your priorities.

Your present situation is a consequence of past choices. It is a reflection of the amount of dedication, time and respect you have put into a particular area of ​​your life.

This does not mean that you have to exaggerate self-criticism. No need to overcharge for past mistakes. You just have to watch them and learn from them not to repeat them in the future.

Achieving Goals as the World’s Greatest Achievers


Would you like to know how to achieve goals in the same way as the world’s greatest achievers?

The answer may seem contradictory, but the key is not to focus on the end result of your goals.

Who knows how to achieve goals puts body and soul into every little step you need to take until you reach the ultimate goal.

These people are consistent and create routines so that achieving goals is virtually inevitable.

Focusing only on the desired final destination is an error. You need to define the procedure to get to the last result and focus only on taking the next step.

In the weight loss example, the person needs to have an idea of ​​what they are going to do in the next 18 months to lose the required 18 pounds. And from there, focus on what you have to do daily to accomplish this procedure.

Also, great achievers learn to derive pleasure just by being on the journey of accomplishing a goal. They do not link all your personal satisfaction to the end result.

What would happen if you knew how to achieve goals?


In this article, we have looked in detail at how to achieve goals in a very practical way.

You have learned that you must prepare to achieve your great goals and that you cannot rely solely on luck.

He also saw that the main element that differentiates mere dreams from achievable goals is specificity.

And he understood that it is his actions, not his words, that reveal his true priorities.

People who know how to achieve goals easily are those who are consistent in implementing processes.

They have a laser beam focus , are indomitable and are not too lazy to do what needs to be done.

These great achievers are not focused on the end result but on the actions that naturally lead to the goal.


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