With some tips (and paying attention to the differences of each species), it is possible to prevent the seedlings from dying.

1 – First, choose the place

Only then buy suitable plants for him (see the list below, with suggestions). The smaller the leaves, the more sun the plant needs. Ventilation matters: Glazed balconies should be slightly open – vegetables need fresh air.

Full sun 6 to 7 hours of sun Petunias, azaleas, mopeias.

Half shade 3 hours of sun Ferns, peace lilies, bromeliads.

Total shade No need for sun Succulents, begonias, phytonias.

2 – Take care of the earth

It must be of good origin, with nutrients appropriate to the species. Fertilizer is essential: some are to mix in water and spray – others are bought in tablets. The pot needs to have a drain to prevent the soil from getting soaked.

3 – Irrigation

Do not water all species equally: they have different needs. Check with your finger that the earth is still damp – if yes, no water. Water until the water comes out of the pot through the drain – a sign that all the soil has been irrigated evenly.

– Weekly checks…

… Allow you to identify problems in time to solve them. Sometimes it is enough to change the irrigation routine or the sun’s incidence: some plants wither as a protection mechanism in hot places, avoiding moisture loss in the root area. In other cases, pesticides must be used.

Leaves chewed or black powder Cause: Insects.

Solution: Clean and apply insecticide.

Withered leaves Cause: Heat or lack of water.

Solution: Darker and airier place.

Leaves with dry ends Cause: Lack of light.

Solution: Place with more lighting.


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