Do you know how to get lucky in life?

Do you know how to make things work out in your favor?

Does what you do for luck to manifest find support in science? Or is it mere superstition?

In today’s article, we’ll find out how to get lucky using the latest in studies on the subject. We will analyze in detail:

  • Why do people believe in luck
  • What is luck
  • How to get lucky in life, according to science
  • What would happen if you were luckier in life

The first step is to understand why people believe in luck. For this, let’s see a video that I recorded on the subject.

Why do people believe in luck

The story goes that Michael Jordan, considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time, wore two shorts in his matches.

Beneath the shorts of the Chicago Bulls, the acclaimed team, the player wore the University of North Carolina shorts because he believed he was lucky.

Of course, lucky shorts were the minor factor in Jordan’s performance. The success of the player depended much more on talent, constant improvement and teammates.

The question is, why do even top performers like Michael Jordan believe in luck? What is the role of lucky charms in the results?

According to a study by Koeln University , when a belief in superstition is activated, performance in a motor or cognitive activity tends to increase.

This improvement is due to a perceived self – efficacy mechanism . That is, when people feel lucky they act accordingly.

Feeling lucky, people consider themselves more capable of facing challenges . And with this greater disposition they get better practical results.

This brings us to a question: What does luck really mean?

What is luck


If we look at the dictionary, luck is usually defined as an unexplained force that favorably influences certain events.

If we are going to great philosophers like Seneca, we will find that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

If we are going to see what scientific studies like Koeln University say, it is best to see luck simply as a belief.

The perception of luck as a belief has also been analyzed by researchers.

The University of California has published that if you believe in luck, it is best that you believe in seeing yourself as a lucky person.

In this study , we compared people who believe that luck is stable and people who believe that luck is fleeting.

The result shows you how to get lucky in life.

How to get lucky in life, according to science


In research by the University of California, people who believed they were lucky got better practical results than those who believed that luck is fleeting.

People who believe in luck as a stable attribute have shown a higher level of self-determination.

Because they feel more confident, these people tend to be bolder in their actions and decisions .

With this, they pursue their personal goals more persistently and thus achieve better practical results.

On the other hand, those who believe that luck is an unpredictable element, random or transient, do not see themselves in control of results. And so they end up acting less and getting worse results.

What science teaches us here is that luck does influence motor and cognitive activities. And the best thing to do is to feed the belief that you are a person who knows how to get lucky.

Stop relying on luck and do your homework


When you have the knowledge, ability and confidence, wondering how to get lucky is just a mere detail. In this situation, you don’t need luck to make a difference.

Luck itself is not capable of generating practical results. The University of Pennsylvania showed this in a study of students preparing for the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study ( TIMSS) exam .

The result of the survey was that the students who believed in luck were the worst performers on the exam.

The reason is simple. They believed they knew how to get lucky, so they didn’t need to study so hard.

This is very different from the case of Michael Jordan. The player also believed he knew how to get lucky, but besides that he trained, prepared and dedicated like few.

If you want to believe that you are naturally lucky and that makes you well, great. You may continue to use your talisman, your charm or your luck ritual. But don’t rely on luck to get your results.

What would happen if you were luckier in life


What is the answer, then, to the question “how to get lucky in life”?

To know how to get lucky in life, you need to prepare to seize the opportunities that come your way. And if they don’t show up, you have to create your opportunities yourself.

Of course you can meet people who are lucky even without preparing or chasing opportunities. But these are the few exceptions that confirm the rule.

Instead of wanting to be one of those rare exceptions, use reason. Do your homework and be prepared to make the most of opportunities.

It’s no use just wondering how to get lucky. You’d better be prepared to get lucky.

This preparation puts you in a position to make the most of the opportunities ahead. With more confidence, determination and willingness, you will be ready to do your best and reap the results.


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