Have you ever stopped to think that it is possible to increase your salary just by modifying what you post on the internet?

The social networks have become a kind of modern public square, where citizens freely express their views on politics, religion, sports, culture, relationships.

We all have a variety of powerful platforms to give our opinion to the world without having to pay anything for it.

However, what most of us do is just comment on current news or repost curious, funny or relevant information.

What if we used these platforms more strategically for our career? What if you found a way to increase your salary simply by paying more attention to what you publish on the internet?

This is what we will see in today’s article, which will cover in detail:

  • The importance of your internet positioning for your career
  • How to increase your salary by changing your internet positioning
  • How to increase your salary with good social media practices
  • What would happen if you changed the way you operate on the network?

Let’s start by understanding the real importance of your internet positioning.

The importance of your internet positioning for your career


If before social networks were a kind of joke of teenagers, today they have become practically the official voice of each of us on the Internet.

Nation presidents, business leaders, religious authorities, big celebrities… virtually everyone today uses social media to voice opinions and position themselves on a variety of issues.

Whether you like it or not, what you publish on the internet ends up impacting your professional career. Even if you make the decision not to publish anything.

As much as you believe your networks are strictly personal, once you make your opinions public and share them with at least one co-worker, it has consequences for your career.

Human resources managers and even common bosses often look at how their people work on the Internet to get to know the people they work with better.

If you’re the only joke type, or who publishes intimate or even embarrassing personal facts, you may have to deal with the consequences one day.

That is the downside of the thing. However, there is also the positive side.

Knowing that what you publish impacts people in your professional environment, you can use this information to your advantage and position yourself as a high value asset for your company, possibly achieving professional enhancement and even a pay rise.

How to increase your salary by changing your internet positioning

In very objective terms, your salary is defined by the law of supply and demand and the results you bring to the company where you work.

The rarer you are, the greater the demand for the services you have to offer. With more demand in the face of less supply, you will be more valued and will tend to receive higher salaries as long as you generate results for the company.

That’s where the power of the internet comes in.

Via social networks, you can publish your expertise and document your own professional dedication.

The goal is not to make up, or to create a fake edited reality, as this will soon be discovered.

On the contrary, the idea of ​​using social networks to increase your salary is based on two pillars:

  1. Generate value for your market by publishing quality content that is relevant to your area
  2. Document your own improvement process, sharing what you have been doing to become a better trader

In practice, this means that you will often publish texts, videos, audios and images sharing knowledge you already have that can help other professionals in your industry work better.

It also means that you will record the books you are reading, the courses you are taking, the events you are attending. In short, it will document your own professional development .

By doing this often, over time you will start to be perceived as a high value professional. A rare item in the market that tends to be most valued, that is, one that tends to get better job offers from other companies or even a better salary from your current company.

How to increase your salary with good social media practices


In order for the strategy of raising your paycheck by positioning yourself on the internet to work, paradoxically, your main goal cannot be to raise your paycheck.

If the motivation is wrong, the strategy will not be sustained in the long run and will probably not be successful.

What you have to keep in mind is that you are publishing valuable content on the net with the primary purpose of helping your market and helping yourself to develop professionally.

Increasing your salary will be a natural consequence of this practice. A consequence that will come over time if you maintain consistency in your publication.

This does not mean that you can never share an opinion, high performance non-work content , or even a joke on your networks .

You just have to look out for good practices, such as not giving offensive opinions, not downplaying the place where you work, not posting embarrassing personal facts that could hurt your career.

What you can (or should) publish depends a lot on your personality and line of business. Some professions require greater discretion than others. Above all, you need to have common sense.

What would happen if you changed the way you operate on the network?


I invite you to stop for a moment and imagine what would happen in your career if you started following what was suggested in this article.

Would your bosses and co-workers accompanying you on the network be positively impressed by your change?

Would they be grateful that you were sharing valuable content? Would you create a better relationship with others in your market that you don’t even know?

When a company in your market has an open position, will your name naturally appear as a good option? Would your current employer consider increasing your salary so as not to lose such a qualified professional?

These are questions that you will only have the answer to if you test the strategy.

Don’t simply wonder if this would work for you or not, whether or not this is valid for your market. Simply test.

This test has to be consistent and has to last a few months. An entire year would be a good time to test.

Even if this does not result in a pay rise, at the very least you will have become a better trader and will know how to better handle this new form of communication.

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