Morning tea is to start the day with energy! Already in the afternoon, it serves to socialize and lighten the weather, while at night, this drink is perfect to rest the body … So we think when we stick the teas to our eating habits, right? But in fact there are these differences? Not really. Teas are known to be good companions at any time of the day, varying in flavors and sometimes in nutritional properties. According to nutritionist Daniella Chein, regardless of time, they help the digestive process and provide well-being:

“There is no better time than tea for another. In the daytime, it will help you get ready for the whole day; In the afternoon, we have the traditional afternoon tea, which goes down very well even on cold days to relax, and at night (not too late!), it can help calm you down and digestion, “explains the nutritionist.

Does drinking tea at night make you sleepy?

Known for providing energy and lightening days, many people oppose drinking at night, worrying about sleep quality and difficulty sleeping, as explained by Daniella Chein:

“Teas as well as coffee help with digestion. Some studies have proven that too much does not cause so much harm, if the issue is sleep, because it has been proven that teas only slow sleep by 40 minutes. If you do not have dinner so late , you can even take a cup of digestion, helping to calm down and maybe even help you sleep “, analyzes the nutritionist.

5 Tea Benefits For Your Health

1 – Prevent premature aging: Rich in powerful antioxidant agents, teas are responsible for slowing free radical actions, keeping our skin healthy longer and giving a healthy, disease-free body.

2 – Help in weight loss: For those who want to lose a few pounds and display a sculptural body, teas can help! Its frequent consumption acts in the reduction and elimination of localized fats in the body.

3 – Improves the respiratory system: Regular drinking can help clear the airway, reducing allergies, inflammation and problems such as asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis and sinusitis.

4 – Are diuretics: For people prone to kidney problems , tea helps in the proper functioning of the organ and estimates the elimination of urine. The drink acts in eliminating toxins and preventing urinary infections.

5 – Relieve gas: Some foods are known to cause unpleasant flatulence. In addition to favoring good digestion, teas will contribute to natural gas relief.


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