If you find yourself super productive by being able to do a thousand things at once, we regret to inform you, but without focus, you are just throwing your time away.

If you really want to take the challenge of becoming a more productive person seriously, you should devote your utmost attention to one word.

We are talking about focus .

Aiming all your energy and attention at one thing is the fastest and most efficient way for you to advance your life goals like never before.

In this article, we will teach you exactly how to do this.

If you are still not quite sure how effective it is to be dedicated to one thing, know that this same principle has been used by the greatest achievers in human history, and we will show it in the following lines.

Keep reading to know:

  • What is focus and what does it mean to be a focused person
  • Why all the great names in the history of mankind were focused
  • Why focus is synonymous with simplicity
  • Using immersion and maintenance cycles for more focus
  • How to set your focus with a killer question

(This killer question is the best and fastest way to get more focus in just 5 minutes even if you’re a super distracted person!)

Finally, you can download the Focus Enhancement Handbook , a step-by-step guide to becoming a more focused person and making a quality leap in your personal and professional life.

What is focus and what does it mean to be a focused person

Focus, in the literalness of the word, is “the center of”, is the point where the luminous rays that pass through a transparent surface are concentrated, is the point of convergence or where emanations come from.

Bringing to the human mind, focus is the ability to focus solely and exclusively on one task, one goal, saying no to all the other demands and distractions that appear before us.

This is being a focused person.

Now what you see most today is people bragging about their ability to do a thousand things at once. As if that were a good thing.

The truth, proven by many studies, is that humans cannot be multitasking. Who says it’s multitasking is actually a task changer .

Simply put, you are not doing a thousand things at once, you are changing a thousand times in a given period.

And each time you switch from one task to another, you are wasting concentration, time and energy.

Think for a moment: who is more likely to be successful?

  1. A person focused on one goal and concentrates on it all his time, effort and energy
  2. A person who keeps switching tasks, trying to do several things at once

The answer seems obvious, but let’s see what the story tells us.

Why all the great names in the history of mankind were focused


In the early twentieth century, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in US history, Andrew Carnegie, decided that he wanted to know what the common denominators were among all the great successful men of his day.

For that, he hired the young Napoleon Hill.

For 20 years, Napoleon Hill has researched the six thousand richest and most powerful people in the world and find out what they had in common.

Hill not only studied them but also personally interviewed hundreds of them, including names such as Thomas Edson, Graham Bell, George Eastman, Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson.

The survey concluded that there are 16 actions that all highly successful people repeatedly took.

One at the top of the list was focus. Or what Napoleon Hill called the ultimate goal set .

Main Objective Defined

The main purpose in life should be chosen with great care and, once chosen, should be written and placed where you can see it at least once a day. This has the psychological effect of impressing a person’s subconscious in such a way that he accepts this purpose as a motto, a project, a “plant” that will finally dominate his activities in life and guide him step by step towards this goal. . – Napoleon Hill

The result of the research commissioned by Andrew Carnegie has been ratified by scientific research.

In the book Focus, Dr. Daniel Goleman shows several studies that prove that lack of focus is at the heart of serious problems such as lack of self-control, numbness, and lack of willpower.

No focus does not maintain the diet, spare no future, preserve a personal relationship.

Another conclusion presented in the book is that focus can be developed . That is, you can no longer make that excuse that you are not a focused person, that you are not concentrated.

Just as you learn to play a game, drive a car, or use an app, you can learn to focus more.

But to do this, you need to learn to simplify your life.

Why focus is synonymous with simplicity


Mude.vc is a big fan of simplicity and minimalism .

When most people begin to apply minimalism in their lives, they immediately think of reducing the amount of clothing, appliances, objects.

Only the true beauty of simplicity is not in diminishing the clutter of the material world. It is in diminishing the crap of our mind.

To be simple is to consciously ignore all the things you could do, worrying about what you should do.

It is understanding that not everything is just as important and having the wisdom to select the things that matter most. It is connecting what you do with what you want for your life.

It’s understanding that off-curve results are directly determined by how specific you can make your focus.

The truth is that we often want to convince ourselves that we are superhuman, that we can handle a thousand things at once.

But science has shown that we all have a limited amount of energy and time.

So having a definite primary goal and focusing the best of your energy and time on it is the best thing you can do to take charge of your own life and direct it exactly where you want it.

To achieve this, you have to learn to say no to everything you could do, and would even like to do.

One thing at a time.

Anyone who dreams of an unusual life eventually finds that there is no alternative but an unusual way of living it.

The way to reach the most passes at least!

Which brings us to a problem: and what to do with the other areas?

Using immersion and maintenance cycles for more focus

Everyone who reads the above lines carefully understands the importance of focus. But not everyone can apply this maximum concentration in real life.

The challenge is that life will never align everything for us and point where we should start.

Very successful people know this. Then, daily, they align their priorities and from there know exactly what to do.

The most effective technique for doing this is to divide your life into areas and, for each of them, to have a definite primary purpose.

Here in Change we call this Control Areas .

We all operate on many fronts. We all have several areas of responsibility.

Depending on the context, we assume the role of father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, student, professional, teacher, amateur athlete, adventurer, gambler, boss, employee.

Defining our Areas of Control is essential to keeping our identities always consistent with our principles. And with the forward thinking we have for each of these roles.

For example, you can define your areas in Work, Family, Health, Religion, Finance, Studies, Music, and Travel.

Make sure you have as few areas as necessary, but they understand all the roles you assume.

A goal for each area

For each of these areas, have a focus, a definite primary purpose.

Still, if you try to move forward with all your projects and make progress in all areas of your life at the same time, you will not have extraordinary results.

Instead, pick some of them and dive deep. But don’t forget all the rest. Just put them in “maintenance mode”.

How to set your focus with a killer question


Knowing how to set your focus is the key to getting you amazing results in no time.

The problem is that focusing has never been an easy activity. Many believe it is even a matter of vocation, or insight, of inspiration.

In The One Thing , however, author Gary Keller has managed to create a powerful question that can help you set your focus with precision never before seen.

Write down this question, reflect on it. And especially answer it to be clear about your main goal in every area of ​​your life.

This killer question is the best and fastest way to get more focus in just 5 minutes. Even if you are a super distracted person!

Prepared? So come on.

The focus question

What is the ONLY thing I can do so that by doing so, the rest becomes easier or unnecessary? (Share on Twitter)

This question is fantastic because it brings both long term questions (Where do I go? What is my goal?) As well as simple focus questions (What should I do now to get on the right track? What is the key point? ).

Says Gary Keller:

“She tells you not only what your next basket should be, but also the first step toward her. It shows how great your life can be and how simple you need to be to achieve that greatness. It is a map for the broader and a compass for your next step. Extraordinary results are rarely by chance. They come from the choices we make and the actions we take. The Focus Question always points you to the best of both, forcing you to do what is essential to success: making a decision. But not just any decision; leads you to make the best decision. Ignore the possible and boils down to what is needed, what matters. Take you to the first domino. ”

One question for each area

Use the Focus Question for each of your control areas.

For example: “For my work, what is the ONLY thing I can do so that doing it makes the rest easier or unnecessary?”

Align it also in your morning ritual , asking yourself early in the day, “What is the ONLY thing I can do today for [ whatever you want ] so that in doing so, the rest becomes easier or easier? even unnecessary?

Until this your only thing is done on the day, everything else is distraction.

Doing this every morning puts intention and priority on your day. The consequence, as a rule, is a day of high productivity.


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