Be a bird

Sleeping late makes the day pay off little. So I suggest taking a test: put your watch on 20 minutes early and see how you feel.

Not to wake up, hang up and go back to sleep. Make a commitment for at least a week to get up a few minutes earlier than usual and do something for yourself. It may be a morning habit that you want to incorporate into your daily life, make your planning, or even the first item on your list.

This will give you a feeling of not being in such a hurry. This helps to balance the body, which becomes less stressed and alert early on.

And I know that for some people that means waking up at dawn, so use your common sense. After all, it’s just a tip. 😉


I have been practicing meditation before bed and sometimes in the morning. I use a free app called Insight Timer that has a lot of guided meditations. I can’t just sit still, I need someone dictating what to do. If you also have a restless mind, I advise you to add this practice to your day, because it makes a difference!

Stretch out

Throughout the day, lift and stretch the body for a few minutes. This helps to oxygenate the brain and brings you more focus and energy. If you often forget, write down as a break between two tasks or set an alarm on your phone.

Plan your food

Make a weekly menu if you can, and follow these instructions. This helps you, for example, to: 1) make purchases faster because you already know what you will need; 2) make meals effortlessly, because you already have the step by step in mind and; 3) It also helps not to get lazy and end up eating any crap.

To be productive, your body must be supplied with good energy. Healthy foods help you work to your advantage.

Drink water

We are made of 70% water, needless to say that it is extremely important, right? They say it’s good to drink fasting water, I’m in the testing phase, but that’s the tip. What I really felt was when I started taking 2l a day. My body works better and I miss it so much when I can’t drink the daily quota. Water helps in the concentration and proper functioning of the organs.

Give yourself a little help

You may prefer to do the hardest task first, to get rid of it right away. It can work. If you don’t get stuck and end up spending a whole day without leaving item 1, great.

Also try to win ahead. Do some of your chores and when you get this hairy, you will already have the feeling that you have done something productive in your day. It gives you a gas, more energy for you to focus on something more complex with the feeling that it will do.


It’s not interesting to wear out, because you need to be fine the next day to get back to your routine. So turn the dawn working, just in dire need. I believe it is better for a good night’s sleep for body and brain to rest than one in the clear to realize something that will end up precarious.

Ever heard the phrase quality is better than quantity? Perfect for this moment.

And hang up on a daily basis, too. Just quitting work at bedtime is not a very healthy habit. Set a time limit and unplug it. Enjoy this time with your family, friends or yourself.

Be grateful

Practicing gratitude helps you realize that even on a day when nothing went as expected, you still had the opportunity to live and receive this experience and learning.

Gratitude for what you already have and already is helps you receive even more gratefully what you achieve.

Finally, I want to tell you to start small. Do not try to apply it all at once as you may feel distressed. And that is not the idea. I brought these tips to a successful day to help you do more. Choose one and commit to the one that brings you the most contentment and happiness. Embrace, apply, feel the benefits and only then think of the others. It’s a beginning.

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